Thanks for the heads up, babycakes. I’ll be sure to remember that and then remind you of this tummy ache when you try and give me the sass and force me to give them to you. You’re actually bloated this time from it? Sheesh. You better not burp in my face, mister.

You’re welcome, sweetcheeks.  Oh God, I apologize if I still sass you back for that.  I guess you should though, it might keep me from eating so much.  Yeah, its a weird feeling and I don’t like it.  I won’t!  I promise.



My poor baby. I’m surprising you’re agreeing so willingly. I expected some back talk and some sass for hiding away sweets from your reach. Then you should only eat four of the mini ones next time, so you don’t get a bellyache. Yes, I am. Are you in the kitchen still or in our bedroom?

It’s only because arguing and being sassy is hard when my stomach is killing me.  You’ll probably get the sass when I go to get them and they are hidden from my reach, but right now, I don’t even want to see them, it’ll make me sick.  That sounds good, I’ll have to do that.  In the bedroom.  My boxers are tight because I’m bloated and it feels weirddddd.



So, two and a half per hour? That’s still a lot. I’m going to have to put them on the top shelf so your little pixie self can’t reach them. Don’t be sorry, I’m glad you loved them, I just don’t want you over eating and getting a bellyache.

Yeah it is, and I’m paying the price and I feel horrible.  Yeah, you probably should do that.  Though, in my defense, they were mini cupcakes and not full size.  Speaking of bellyache, are you gonna rub my tummy?



Eight?! Dear lord, Lou. You really don’t have any self control. You really shouldn’t be eating that much at once, baby. You’ll end up with cavities and horrid tummy aches.

It wasn’t all at once!  It was just over the course of a few hours.  I don’t.  I know that and I tried not to, but they just sounded so good!  I’m sorry, Harry.



It’s totally your fault for having no self control!

….You’re right.  I went from having too much self control to having no self control.  I used to eat a cupcake and then throw it up after or let it settle in my stomach and fee horrible, and now I can eat like, what was it… six? seven?  Eight, no it was definitely eight, and still want more.



Yeah, sure you’re not, baby. You should stop over eating, sweets. It might make for less tummy aches.

Sorry.  It’s not my fault this time!  Your cupcakes are just too good!



Oh my. You got a tummy ache or are you just being all needy and wanting one for no reason, hm?

Needy?  Pssh, I’m not needy.  My tummy hurts.

Haaaarrrryyyyyy! I demand you come rub my tummy, my hands just aren’t the same!

Larry || Will You Be Mine Forever?


Harry swallowed thickly when he saw the state Louis was in on the screen, his mind immediately going to the worst possible scenario. The whole kidnapping and being held hostage thing once again coming up in great detail, his stupid mind imagining a burly disgusting man behind the camera with a gun pointed to Louis making him say all these things. But of course, he was being an idiot and he felt himself blush self-cautiously when Louis indirectly called him out on it. “You look beautiful.” He whispered to the screen, truly meaning it. Even with puffy eyes and a red nose the other male still looked gorgeous as ever, it was a great trait if he did say so himself, even if Louis didn’t agree. When he mentioned that fateful day that changed both of their lives for the better, he smiled a little, remembering it like it was yesterday. “And I’m so damn lucky to have you as well, Lou.” He murmured with a soft smile, staring at the others beautiful features as he spoke.

A small pout formed on his puffy lips at the cranky comment, ready to hotly retort but just sighed and hung his head. Louis was right, he wasn’t fully bothered by the fans but it also wasn’t necessarily a quiet flight either and if he was honest, he was a bit cranky. But not just because of the flight, but also because of the lack of Louis. Not that he was mad at Louis, but he wasn’t pleased that this surprised was taking him away from his boo. Maybe that made him way too clingy to be considered normal; he didn’t care. Letting out a defeated sigh he nodded more to himself than anything at Louis’ instructions, knowing it was probably for the best in the end, even though regardless he wouldn’t be getting much sleep that night anyway. However, it did help that he’d have Niall with him. If it got bad enough, he’d force the Irish lad to come cuddle with him until he fell asleep. 

"How could I bloody forget?" He asked aloud with a grin towards the screen, that definitely being one of the best days of his life, besides officially becoming Louis’ boyfriend that is. Chuckling when Louis mentioned the exact time he licked his lips and nodded. "I’ll be there as soon as I wake up." He promised softly, hardly being able to wait until the time when he and Louis would be reunited again, feeling like it had been weeks and not days that they’ve been apart. Thankfully Louis seemed to feel the exact same as him. "I love you too and I can’t wait to have you in my arms, boo." He blew a kiss back just before the frame froze on Louis puckering his pretty lips in a kissing motion. 

Standing up he then noticed the little black book next to the DVD player, and it looked a lot like Louis’ weight book, something he kept completely secret from him. But now there was a small note telling him to actually read it? That was definitely new. Carefully picking up the small book he opened the first page as he went over to the closed toilet and sat on top of it and started to read the first entry, eyes already tearing up at the horrible words Louis called himself back then. It took him a good twenty minutes to get through all of the book but the last page, tears falling and snot running before seeing the date as the day before. After reading it and the measurements he felt his chest tighten with love for his boyfriend as he brought the book up to his face and he kissed the most recent entry.

Hazza?" He heard Niall call just as the front door shut. "Up here, mate!" He called back as he was setting down the small black book back onto the kitchen counter and getting to his feet before walking to the door of the medium sized bathroom, looking back once more then walking out and out of the bedroom. Feeling his stomach clench in hunger, he decided it would be best to listen to Louis and eat something, figuring that he’d energy for whatever Louis had planned for them the next day. "Food! Come on, Haz!" Fondly rolling his eyes and smiled and shut the bedroom door behind him before going to edge of the stairs. "M’coming you loon." He replied as he reached the bottom, seeing Niall already sitting at the kitchen table digging into his own food. "Thanks for the food run, mate. I owe you." Niall just gave him a wave of his hand as if to say ‘no big deal you don’t owe me shit’ before taking a sip of his drink and another bite of his food. Shaking his head, he pulled back the chair and took a seat where Niall had already set out his food and started to eat as well.


"Niall!" He called from his bed, a large pout on his lips, arms wrapped around the exact pillow Louis was cuddling in the video. "Wassit, mate?" He saw a blonde quiff enter the room before the familiar blue eyes of one of his best mates. Instead of answering straight away, he regretfully released his hold on the pillow and made grabby hands at the other male. "Come cuddle me until I fall asleep?" He practically begged with puppy dog eyes. "Don’t tell Lou, he’ll skin me alive if he finds out I cuddled his boyfriend." Niall replied with a sigh before stepping into the room, making Harry giggle into the back of his hand. "He wouldn’t mind, Nialler. You know that." He promised then grabbed Niall’s hand and yanked him onto the bed, instantly wrapping his arms around him and sighing contently. "Thanks. You can stay if you want or leave when I fall asleep, whatever you want." He whispered and felt Niall nod against the top of his head.

You snore like a bloody foghorn, there’s no way I’m staying in here, mate. Dunno how Louis puts up with it." Harry brought out his arm and smacked it down onto Niall’s bicep, earning him an ‘ouch’. "Shut up." He sneered then buried his face back into Niall’s shirt covered chest. "Hum me a little tune, please." He asked politely and he heard Niall sigh before a small agreement, causing him to smirk. Niall of course hummed the tune of "Little Things", instantly relaxing the curly haired male, eyes shutting as he slowly started to drift off.


Niall wasn’t lying when he said he wasn’t going to stay the whole night with Harry. Just as he got out of bed he heard a knock on his opened bedroom door, looking over he smiled at Niall. “Where to, mate?" He questioned. "Where we got put together as a band and when Louis jumped into my arms." He replied causing Niall to smile and nod, which further confirmed that he already knew where he was supposed to take him. "Hurry up and get dressed so we can get going. I’ve got two bananas for you waiting in the kitchen with some orange juice. You can eat ‘em on the way there, yeah?" Harry just nodded gratefully and watched Niall leave the doorway with a smile before rummaging around his closet for an outfit. Settling on some dark blue skinny jeans, a white scoop neck with a plaid shirt over it, some boots and a headscarf he was ready to go, only thing left was to brush his teeth and make sure to have some gum handy in his pocket after drinking orange juice. Of course he also had the drawstring bags handy.

Once to the kitchen, he wrapped Niall in a hug. “Let’s go.” He smiled, obviously giddy about getting to see Louis that day. As soon as the two got settled into the car he started munching on his bananas and taking sips of juice, making it impossible to talk to the other male, which wasn’t a bad thing since the traffic was surprisingly horrid that morning. It wasn’t too long of a drive to where they all got put together in a band, but it was still long enough where him and Niall had to resort to playing car games to pass the time. But, before he knew it, he saw the arena and was bouncing in his seat, pointing ahead with a large grin. “There it is, there it is!” He called happily, gripping the drawstring bags to his chest.

Hearing the beep of the car locking, the two of them walked side by side towards the building, Niall opening the door for him as they both stepped in and quickly made their way to the stage where the next bag and video would be. Once reaching there, Harry jogged over to the stage, quickly running up the steps and reaching the drawstring bag and video. “Finally.” He whispered to himself as he opened up the video player and pressed play.

What has you so happy?" Zayn asked with a chuckle.  He unlocked the car and got in, waiting for Louis before he started it and took off driving down the street.  "You know how I’ve been struggling to overcome my eating disorder for months now?" Louis asked, a smile still plastered on his face.  He played with his fingers in his lap, looking between them and Zayn as he drove.  "Yeah I do." Zayn said.  He hadn’t been there for most of Louis’ recovery, but Harry had kept him and the other boys updated on his progress, and Louis had talked with Zayn on occasion whenever he needed a different opinion or person.  "Well… I… I’m over it.  I honestly think I’m completely over my eating disorder."  He beamed.  They were parked in Zayn’s driveway now, and the younger male turned to Louis, a huge grin on his face.  He pulled him into a bone crushing hug over the two arm rests, hugging him close.  "I’m so proud of you, Lou." he whispered softly in his ear.  He kissed his cheek before pulling back, smile still plastered on his face.  "Is that what was taking you so long?  Were you doing those measurements you used to do?"  

Louis nodded and blushed.  ”I felt like I needed to.”  he murmured, looking down.  He was still smiling, so glad that Zayn was so happy and supportive.  Zayn took his hand and squeezed it.  ”I’m so damn proud of you.  And I know that Harry is definitely going to be.”  Louis nodded and grabbed the bag that was at his feet, getting out of the car.  ”I know he is going to be, and I can’t wait to see his reaction.”  Louis smiled and left the other bags in the car, they were there for what he had planned for the next day.  “Let’s go, I’m starving and we don’t want to keep Pez waiting.”  Louis said.  Zayn nodded and took his hand to lead him into the house.

“Hey Lou!”  Perrie said, hugging him as soon as he stepped foot into their house.  Louis hugged her back with a grin.  “Hey, Pez.  How are you?”  He asked.  She pulled back and smiled, hugging Zayn and kissing him before answering.  “I’ve been good, we’ve been doing really well, working on wedding plans actually.  The break you guys have done from touring has really given us time to sit down and plan.”  Perrie grinned and motioned to the kitchen.  “The food is ready and is already out on the table, wanna go eat?” Louis nodded, his stomach grumbling.  He hadn’t eaten the plane food, it always upset his stomach, so he hadn’t eaten since leaving LA that morning.  “Yeah of course, I’m starved!” he said, following the two into the kitchen. 

They ate fairly quickly, talking throughout the meal.  Louis had seconds of everything, Perrie’s cooking might not have been up to Harry’s standards, but it was food, and it was edible and he was starving after his body not being used to a lack of food anymore.  After the kitchen was cleaned and the food put away, they all agreed to go to sleep, after all, Zayn and Louis had a long day ahead of them tomorrow. 

“Night,” Louis said, leaving both Perrie and Zayn with a kiss on the cheek.  The couple retired to their room on the opposite side of the house from his room. Louis went to his and locked the door behind him, stripping down to just his boxers. He flopped down on the bed and sighed, completely exhausted, yet horny from the dick pic of Harry’s he found on his phone when searching for a photo of Tinkerbell to show Perrie earlier.  His dick was semi-hard, but with a few tugs, his hand down his boxers, he was fully hard, cock aching.  He missed Harry’s cock, as weird as it might sound.  He had only been gone less than a day from his boyfriend, but they hadn’t had sex in days and he was horny and needy now. 

Louis shot up from the bed and over to his bag at the foot of the bed, his cock rubbing against the mattress achingly hard.  He moaned softly, digging through his bag.  Up until now he had forgotten that he had packed his Harry-shaped dildo and some lube.  He hadn’t even thought to use it when he wasn’t with Harry, he had brought it just in case Harry wanted to use it during sex the next night.  However, using it tonight was perfect, and what would make it even more perfect would be filming himself using it and sending it as perfect wanking material for Harry while he wasn’t there.

Grabbing the laptop from beside his bed, he set it up on the mattress in front of him.  He leaned back against the headboard, his boxers still on.  He clicked record and smiled at the screen.  “Hey baby,” he started, his hands resting the swell of his belly, a bit bloated after two helpings of dinner.  He rubbed it softly, knowing that him playing with his belly would help turn Harry on.  Call it a bit of digital foreplay in a sense.  “I miss you, baby.  So much.  Miss your hands all over my body,” he closed his eyes, hands roaming over his belly.  His fingers dug into the pudge on his lower belly, playing with it.  He continued played with his belly, moaning a bit for added effect to make Harry hard when he watched it.

“I’m so stuffed from dinner, but I still feel so empty,” he opened his eyes, moving one hand down to gently stroke himself through his boxers.  “Sorry I don’t have any pretty lace panties on for you, Daddy, but those are for tomorrow night.”  Louis smirked and winked at the screen, still playing with his belly.  “I wish you were here.  I miss you and your hands.  But I also miss your big cock.  I miss it filling me up,” Louis whined, his cock leaking pre-cum out the tip.  He shimmed his boxers off, needing relief from the material restricting his cock.

His cock sprung up against his pudgy belly, getting pre-cum on his tummy.  He looked into the camera with hooded eyes, his hand wrapped around his cock, stroking himself.  “I got a surprise for you, Harry,” he grinned, reaching off screen for the dildo.  He grabbed it from beside him, and held it up in front of his face, licking up the “vein” before he wrapped his lips around the head of the fake cock.  “I’m going to let you watch me fuck myself with your cock,” he whispered huskily after pulling the dildo from his mouth, a string of spit still connected from the dildo to his thin lips.

“I bet your cock just twitched, didn’t it?  I know you so well, Harry, know exactly what gets you hard and horny.”  Louis smirked and set the dildo back down, reaching for the lube.  “I have to be quiet so I don’t wake Zayn and Perrie.  I’m sorry baby, I know you like me loud.”  Louis opened the bottle of lube with a small pop, holding it up to the camera.  “Look, babe, its our favorite lube.  Love it when its on your cock.  It tastes so amazing.”

He got up on his knees, looking into the screen.  “I’m going to let you watch me stretch myself, but first,” he turned around and grabbed his ass, spreading the cheeks apart, showing off his hole as he shook his ass a bit in front of the camera.  “Gotta show you my ass.  I’ve been a bad boy, and I deserve to be punished.  You should be here to give me the spankings I deserve,” he said, spanking one ass cheek and then the other a few times, leaving them red.  He sat back down on the bed and adjusted the camera once more, looking into it with a smirk.  “Ready to watch me stretch myself?”

Louis put his feet flat on the bed, knees bent.  He spread his legs so Harry could see his hole, and watch him stretch it.  “Wish it was your long fingers filling me up and stretching me out.  Mine just aren’t the same, they don’t feel as good as yours do, daddy,” he sparingly dropped the term “Daddy” when Harry would be least expecting it, knowing it would turn him on even more.  And oh how he wished he could see his face as he watched this video.  Watching Harry come undone as he orgasmed was one of his favorite parts of sex.  He just looked so beautiful, with his flushed cheeks and puffy lips open obscenely in a deep, pleasured moan.  If he could capture that moment every time they had sex, he would.

Louis poured a generous amount of lube over his three fingers.  He rubbed it between them to warm it up.  Once it was at the right temperature, not too cold, yet not too warm either, he moved his fingers down between his legs, circling his index finger around his hole.  He looked into the camera, glancing down at the screen to make sure it was capturing what he was doing, otherwise the whole point of doing this was gone.  Louis closed his eyes, pushing his index finger in slowly past the tight ring of muscle that hadn’t been stretched in days.  A low, quiet moan escaped past his lips and his eyes screwed up in slight discomfort.  “It feels weird, foreign even, when they aren’t your fingers.  I miss your fingers,” he whined needily.  It had been forever since he had stretched himself, Harry had been doing it for him and every other time he had masturbated it was just wanking.

Louis opened his eyes, a pout on his face.  He had slid his finger all the way in, the muscle stretched around the small digit.  Harry’s fingers were so much longer and thicker than his own, and he was missing that burning feeling of the bigger fingers as he worked his way up to a second and a third finger.  Each extra finger had him panting more, closing his eyes and letting himself get lost in the feeling of his tight heat around his fingers.  Louis contemplated adding a fourth, just to give that extra stretch he was missing from Harry’s longer ones.  He was already a moaning, whimpering mess and he hadn’t even started to use the dildo.

Breathing heavily, Louis looked into the camera on his laptop, a small smile on his face.  “I sincerely hope that you haven’t come yet, babe.” He panted, playing with his tummy chub. “That was only half the show.  If you have come already, get yourself hard again, though that won’t be difficult to do.”  The older male batted his long eyelashes before picking up the dildo.  He wrapped his lips around the head, running his tongue over the fake slit.  “I’m so ready to be filled up by your cock, and knowing you get to watch turns me on even more.”  He took his free hand and gently stroked his achingly hard cock a few times to give it some much needed friction.

Louis grabbed the bottle of lube and poured some on top of the fake cock, letting it run down the sides.  He used his hand to completely cover the fake cock in the lubricant for an easier glide.  His hole was lubricated enough, some of the gel was even sliding down his ass cheek at that moment.  Louis readjusted his feet on the bed so they wouldn’t fall asleep while he was fucking himself with the dildo.  He also made sure the camera still had  a good view of his now stretched hole, but also his face, because he knew how much Harry loved watching his face as he orgasmed.

“Ready, Daddy?” Luis asked, batting his eyelashes.  He moved the dildo down between his legs, gently pushing the head against his opening, but not pushing in quite yet.  He played with his tummy with his free hand, running his fingers over the fading love bite that was a constant decoration on his belly.  He closed his eyes and slowly slid the dildo in, tearing up in pleasure and the slight uncomfortable burn of the extra stretch the replica required.  “Gah!” Louis gasped, writhing slightly in pleasurable pain once the dildo was in as deep as it could go.  Louis dropped his hand from the fake cock and rested it on his belly, playing with it as he let himself adjust to the thick dildo inside of him.

Louis closed his eyes, pretending it was actually Harry inside of him instead of his replica cock.  He moaned and stroked his own cock as he adjusted.  “You’re so big, Harry, fill me up so nicely.”  He moaned, wiggling his bum a bit.  It took him a few minutes to adjust before he was taking the base of the dildo back in his hand. Slowly, he pulled the dildo out until just the head was still inside, before slowly pushing it back in.  “Fuck,” he moaned, clenching around the toy.  “Feels so good!”

He continued the slow rhythm for a few more minutes, letting soft moans and whimpers escape past his lips.  His head was thrown back in pleasure, eyes fluttering with each thrust of the dildo in.  As soon as he had adjusted to the speed, he picked up pace, thrusting it in faster.  “Ha-Harry,” he stuttered, grunting a bit.  It was hard for him to keep quiet because he was so loud in the bedroom by nature, but he had to because he didn’t want to disrupt Perrie and Zayn’s sleep, or have one of them come to check in on him.  His legs were shaking with pleasure, cock aching from lack of being touched as it bounced against his belly, the pre-cum smearing on the skin. 

As he thrust the dildo in and out, he moved it in at different angles, searching for his prostate.  “This isn’t fair, Harryyyyyyy, Louis whined, dragging out his name.  “I can’t find my prostate like you can.”  He pouted and whined, trying to thrust the dildo in at the right angle to brush against the sensitive bundle of nerves.  He closed his eyes, trying to go by feeling, trying to recall just how Harry fucked him so he could recreate it.  “Hazza, I can’t fi- fuck!” he shouted, the tip of the dildo had brushed against his prostate.  Louis moaned, leaving the head pressed against the bundle of nerves for a few moments.

Louis was panting now, eyes screwed shut in pleasure.  He pulled the dildo out, almost completely and thrust it back in almost at the same angle.  It brushed against his prostate once more.  He cried out in pleasure, clamping his hand over his mouth to calm himself down.  He looked at the screen, pretending he was looking up at Harry.  Pulling his hand back, he bit down on his bottom lip to keep from being loud once more.  He continued to thrust the dildo in and out, his pinky accidentally flicking on the switch of the vibrator.

“Fu-fu-fuck! Shit!”  Louis stuttered, moaning out.  The top had started vibrating right as the head of it had brushed against his prostate.  The feeling made his cock twitch, heat pooling in his lower belly.  Louis knew he was getting close, but he was only able to come untouched when Harry was fucking him.  And even then, that was rare.  “Jus-just a bit l-longer, H-ha-hazza,” he began stroking his cock, running his thumb over the slit, causing another whimpered moan to escape past his lips.  He continued to fuck himself with the dildo as he stroked his cock.  Louis was so overcome with pleasure, he couldn’t form words, only grunts and moans.  He was a whining, whimpering mess as he slowly came undone by the touch of his own hand, and the fake cock he was still thrusting into his tight hole.

Louis moved his hand faster up his length, squeezing as he went, his thumb running up the vein on the underside of his cock.  The dildo brushed over his prostate at the same time his thumb brushed over the sensitive bit of his head.  With a cry of Harry’s name, not trying to be quiet this time, Louis came in thick, sporadic spurts all over his belly.  His mouth was open in a moan, eyes closed, eyelashes fluttering against his cheeks, head thrown back in pleasure.  He stroked himself through his orgasm shakily, the hand thrusting the dildo into him slowing down with a sloppy pace as he orgasmed. 

“Shit,” Louis moaned, finishing.  He was panting, his voice breathy and shaky.  He pulled the dildo out, turning off the vibrator, letting it drop from his hand onto the bed.  He laid there, completely motionless, still panting.  His body felt boneless and he wanted nothing more than to curl up into a ball and fall asleep right as he was, but he knew he needed to clean up, after all, Zayn could walk in on him in the morning, and he didn’t want the other male seeing him this way.  Or even Perrie if she was the one to come in and wake him up.  He would be absolutely mortified, and so would she.

Once he had caught his breath, Louis opened his eyes and looked at the screen.  “That was amazing, Hazza, and I’m so glad you got to share that with me.  Though don’t get jealous, your cock is still much better.  It’s just nice to have this when you aren’t with me.”  He motioned to the dildo off screen.  “It’s late, and we both should be sleeping, so I’m going to cut this video off.  I love you, Harry.  I’ll see you tomorrow, or later today if it’s after midnight when you’re seeing this.”  He blew Harry a kiss and waved.  “I love you so much.”  He stopped recording, letting the video save to his computer.  He attached it to an email, letting the video upload completely as he cleaned up the mess and himself.  He was glad that he hadn’t gotten any come on the bed, only a few drips of the lube, which he knew would dry on the sheets and not be seen. 

He went into the bathroom and wiped down his belly with a washcloth, cleaning off all of the dry come.  He also wiped away the dried up lube from his ass, making sure he was completely clean before putting on a new pair of boxers and one of Harry’s oversized sweaters to cuddle in while he slept.  He brushed his teeth and unlocked the bedroom door before he went over to the bed, putting all of his toys and supplies away.  The video was completely uploaded and he hit send, waiting for the email to say it had sent before shutting down his laptop and putting it away as well.  He crawled into bed after turning off the light, cuddling down in the blankets around him that smelled like come and lube, though it wasn’t an unfamiliar odor.  It actually reminded him of his bed back home, and the scent of Harry clung to the sweater he had on, making the warmth of his boyfriend’s arms wrapped around his body the only think that was missing.

Louis grabbed his phone to send Harry a quick text.  “Check your email, sexy ;)  I wish you were here, but I have the second best thing.  Love you and I’ll see you tomorrow.  Oh, and don’t forget to plug in your headphones.”A few minutes later, he received a text from Harry back, but he didn’t answer him.  It was killing him not to strike up a conversation with his boyfriend, but he knew that if he did, he was going to give in and try to drive over to their flat and spend time with him.  Right now, he needed to sleep, he had an early start tomorrow morning to get everything done before he saw Harry that evening.


Louis woke up the next morning to lips on his forehead, and a hand running through his hair.  Louis sighed sleepily.  “Mmm, hi Hazza,” He slurred.  He brought a sweater covered hand up to rub at his tired eyes, but he still hadn’t opened them.  “Um, Lou?  I’m sorry to disappoint, but its Zee.” Zayn said apologetically.  “It’s time for breakfast.” Louis opened his eyes to see Zayn smiling down at him.  “Did you sleep well, beautiful?”  he asked.  Louis nodded, sitting up.  “Yeah, this bed is really comfy, just severely lacking my cuddle partner,” he pouted.  He never slept well without Harry, but he was on the other side of London currently.

”You could have asked me to stay in and be your cuddle partner last night.” Zayn said.  Louis sighed.  “I know, but I didn’t want to steal you away from Perrie.  I slept fine tough, the exhaustion of the flight and the emotional breakdown of sorts yesterday really wore me out.”  As had his session with his dildo, but he wasn’t going to tell Zayn that, though he was sure he had heard him at some point.  “Very true, and today will be even more tiring,” Zayn said, “Now come on and lets go get breakfast before the missus yells at us for letting it go cold.”   Louis laughed and nodded, swinging his legs over the side of the bed. 

Perrie was downstairs at the table, pancakes already dished up for the three.  Louis say down and smiled.  “Morning, Perrie.”  He said with a grin. Zayn kissed the top of her head before he sat down.  “Smells amazing, babe.” Perrie smiled and thanked him while Louis dug into the meal, wanting to get going as fast as possible.  He finished chewing his first bite and looked at Perrie about to talk.  “I know they aren’t Harry’s, but don’t you dare dis my cooking, Lewis.”  She said, pointing her fork that had a bite of pancakes on it at Louis.  Louis looked at her and laughed, shaking his head.  “Wouldn’t dream of it babe, just wanted to compliment you on how good they taste,” he said truthfully.  Perrie smiled, and the three ate their breakfast in comfortable silence.

After they finished eating, Louis and Zayn got dressed for the day and packed up Zayn’s car.  “See you later tonight, babe.”  He promised Perrie with a kiss.  “I love you!”  Louis smiled and called out, “Thanks for the food and for letting me crash at your place, Pez.  See you later!” before he got in the car.  Zayn followed after him with a smile.  “You ready?”  he asked.  Louis nodded, smiling as Zayn pulled out of the driveway and to the auditorium where they had been put together as a band.  Simon had sent someone there to unlock the doors and give Louis the full access that he needed when he had told him what he wanted to do.  It wasn’t him, rather it was Modest!, who didn’t approve of Harry and Louis being together.  Simon was all for it, and was a full supporter, he even gave them his blessing, when Louis had told him why he needed to use the facilities. 

They arrived at the place in no time, memories filling his mind.  They met the custodian who let them into the building, and Louis thanked him immensely, walking down the halls to the stage where everything had started for them.  He was holding Zayn’s hand, more out of a source of comfort than anything as they walked to the auditorium.  He stopped outside of the doors to take a deep breath before walking inside the room, his heart pounding in his chest.

Louis looked around the auditorium, a huge smile on his face as he started reminiscing on all that had happened here.  This very stage was where he had started the rest of his life as a performer, with four boys who were strangers then, but who would end up being the four most important people in his life.  He looked over at Zayn, who was tearing up slightly, obviously remembering the same day.  “This is where I met my three best friends and my soulmate.” He said to Zayn.  He hugged Zayn tightly, kissing his cheek.  “That was the best day of my life.” He whispered, pulling back and smiling.  “It’s strange to think.  It’s been almost four years since that day, and we’ve done so much.  Just the five of us, together.”  Zayn nodded and smiled.  “I met my four best friends, and through One Direction I was able to meet my missus, and I’m so thankful for everything that has happened.  And to think I didn’t want to go to my audition, and I didn’t want to dance at boot camp.”  He chuckled and smiled at Louis.  “And as much as I would love to reminisce, you need to get going, Harry could be here soon, and I don’t want him walking in on us here while we are here.” 

Louis nodded and grabbed the stuff out of his bag, setting it on the floor.  “Can you go call Niall and make sure that he waits a bit to wake Hazza up?  I don’t want them getting here while we are still here, that wouldn’t be good.” Zayn nodded and pulled out his phone, walking out of the auditorium and into the hallway so his voice wasn’t picked up on the video as Louis recorded it.  As soon as Zayn was outside, Louis sat down with the laptop in front of him, the camera on.  He fixed his hair to look just right, hitting ‘RECORD’ as soon as he was happy with his appearance.

“Hey there, Hazza.” He grinned at the screen.  “Long time no see, right?  I hope you liked the little surprise that I left you in our flat.”  He looked down at his lap, playing with his fingers.  He chuckled, a bit, the whole thing was really surreal to him.  His features went soft and he looked up at the screen once more, a slight, lopsided smile on his face.  “I’m… I’m healthy, Harry.  I’ve done it.  I’ve overcome my eating disorder.  And that’s all thanks to you.  Thank you.  I know you say that I don’t need to thank you, but I can’t do it enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you.  You saved my life, you helped me get better, and you loved me the entire way, and I just… I don’t know how to thank you enough.”  He motioned to the stage behind him, chuckling slightly.  “This is the place where we basically started the rest of our lives together.  I had only met you once before, in the bathroom in the venue in Manchester where we auditioned, yet I jumped into your arms as if I had known you my entire life.”  He chuckled, closing his eyes as he remembered that day of being put into a band.  Everyone had reacted their own way, and for Louis, that was jumping into Harry’s arms, wrapping his legs around his waist and hugging him.  Harry had caught him of course, and he believed that it was that moment that their souls had bonded, kicking off the start of their ever growing love for each other.

Louis opened his eyes and smiled, cuddling into the sweater he had on.  It was a bit chilly in the auditorium, but he felt warm with one of Harry’s jumpers on.  It was warm, cuddly and smelled like him, not to mention it was oversized, which made him feel tiny and loved.  “This stage means so much to us, to all of us, but we wouldn’t have been able to get here if it weren’t for our auditions.”  Louis said, smiling again.  “And I think you know where this is going.  Your next clue is this, go to the place where we first met.  It’s probably one of the most significant places in our relationship.  It was where we uttered our first words together, your shy little “Oops” and my loud, somewhat confident “Hi!”.  And if you can’t think of this place off the top of your head, I’ll be sincerely disappointed, and when I see you, I will have to slap you,” Louis said sassily, but his eyes were still loving. 

“Once again, don’t forget to grab your bag of tiles, they are super important, Hazza.  So please, please, please, make sure you have them all.  I can’t say that enough.”  He chuckled, knowing full well that Harry probably had all of the bags with him, because he was just that kind of person. Louis glanced at the time and sighed.  “I must get going.  You’re going to be here soon, and I don’t want to be here when you are, since there is still much more that needs to be done before I see you again.  I love you so much, Harry.  And I’ll see you tonight.  I promise you.  I love you.”  He said, blowing him a kiss on the screen before he stopped the video.  While the video was burning to DVD, Zayn walked back in, not hearing Louis’ voice echoing around the auditorium anymore.  “You’re finished, I’m guessing?” He asked, walking towards the stage.  Louis nodded and pulled the DVD from the laptop, sticking it into the DVD player, checking to make sure it worked, before starting it over.  He grabbed a bag of tiles from his backpack and set it next to the player, the video at the beginning and ready as soon as he clicked play.  “Yup, let’s get going!  It’s going to take us at least four hours to get to Manchester!”  Louis jumped up, swinging his bag over his shoulder.  He took Zayn’s hand and chuckled, “And awaaaayyyy we go!”  He giggled.



Exactly! That’s easy, because there’s wind and no humidity here in LA. It’s the perfect temperature almost all of the time. And even if it wasn’t, we’ve got a nice pool in the back.


That’s very true.  The humidity is what kills us when we go to Texas and Florida.  The pool that hardly ever gets any use?  We need to remedy that now that it is starting to get warmer.  I miss getting to use it.